13th IMA World Championships

Master Nar, invites you to attend and compete at the 13th IMA Tang Soo Do World Championships. The competition will be in the form of traditional hyungs, free fighting, and weapons. In the evening a celebratory dinner and dance will be held along with awards and presentations. Please note the dress code for gents is black bow ties and tux and red bow ties for master belts.

For all information and registration, please follow this link:


Pre-Registration is mandatory

Closing date for all entries is 1st September 2020 after which ABSOLOUTLEY NO entries will be accepted

Our rules for the tournament are available on the registration page

Head guards, hand and foot pads, mouthpiece and groin guards are compulsory


Sat Oct 2020


9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Bonnington Hotel


Bonnington Hotel
Dublin, Ireland