Online Class Schedule

The Dal Poon Academy are very happy to be able to provide virtual classes for all students to enable us to all continue to train together throughout the quarantine period. There is no charge for these classes.

Password for all classes is now: 1999

Gup classes begin on Monday 30th March.
Black Belt class starts TOMORROW, Sunday 29th March.

Classes are currently being run using the “Zoom” conferencing system.
You can log in with your computer, iPad, Android tablet or even your phone.
You will need to sign up for a FREE Zoom account to join the virtual classes. Please create this account well in advance.

Go to and create an account. It asks for your work email, but you can use your normal email address.

You will then receive an email from Zoom, which contains a blue button marked “Activate Account”.
Click on this button and you will be taken to a web page which asks for your First Name, Last Name and allows you to create a password for Zoom.
Do not re-use a password that you use for other services such as your email password or your Facebook password, etc.
Enter these details and click “Continue”. The next screen asks you to invite your colleagues to Zoom, just click the white “Skip this step” button.
Your Zoom account has now been created.

If you are struggling to create an account, just let Master Young, Master Campbell, or one of the senior 3rd Dans and they will arrange for someone to assist you.
You can then join the correct class for your belt using the links below.

Please note: Doboks are to be worn to all classes (except white belts who do not have a uniform yet)
You are only permitted to join the class which is for your current belt.
CDB and above are expecting to attend the usual classes they would attend.

Please try to be at least 5 minutes early for the class, as any late comers may not be able to join.

Black Belt and Black Belt Preparation Classes – as these classes are just one hour, Master Young expects that you will have been for a run before the class begins.

Little Tigers







Red (2nd Gup)

Red w/tag (1st Gup)


Senior Belt Class (Brown Belt and over)

Black Belt Preparation Class

Black Belt Class

Black Belt – 1st Dan

Black Belt – 2nd Dan

Black Belt – 3rd Dan

Black Belt – 4th Dan